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Power Cruise 31 January & 1 February 2009

There was plenty of action at the Power Cruise held at Symmons Plains on 31 January & 1 February. The TTO crew who took part were Andrew (blown LX 308), Yvonne/Psycho Bitch (LH 308), Brad (SLR 308), Mitch (SS 308) and Tim (A9X clone 308).

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Somerset Rotary Australia Day Fiesta 25 January 2009

The Somerset Rotary Club invited us to display our cars at their Australia Day Fiesta.  Gerrard (LX 308 sedan) & Crystal (LH SLR) travelled through from Launceston and met up with Brad (LX SLR), Deb (XU1), Eagle & Jr Eagle (LX SLR5000) in the main drag at Penguin.  We then travelled through to Burnie where we met up with Beauy (LC GTR 308) and Andrew & Yvonne (acca Psycho Bitch) (LH 308) at Maccas in Burnie before travelling through to Somerset.  Kainey and his tribe turned up later with their LX SLR5000 & L34 which made it a great turn up.  Later the organiser's husband brought down their red XU1?  Also wandering in was one of our TTO gang Steve but he decided to leave his black LX SLR5000 clone in the shed as the bar was open.  Beauy couldn't stand it any longer so he took his car home later in the afternoon and joined him.  It was a great day, a bit windy, but good to have the opportunity to catch up with the TTO gang there.

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