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CHRISTMAS HOON RUNS 14 & 21 December 2008

The NW Hoon run on the 14th was a quiet one with only four cars – Steve (LX SLR5000 clone), Beauy (LC 308), Eagle & Eagle jr (LX SLR5000) and Brad & Deb (LX SLR). Les, Haylee and the kids also joined in with the VY SS Commordore. 

We met up at Macca’s Burnie and traveled through Penguin & Ulverstone before stopping at the bluff in Devonport where the cars attracted a fair bit of attention.  We then had a poke around one our fellow Torana crew’s (Rod) shed in Devonport and checked out his A9X and SS hatch. Rod tried to hide something under a tarp but when asked about it, he reluctantly pulled the tarp off to reveal an immaculate Boss Mustang which he had imported from the US of A. Yes it was a Ford but it was well worth a look. If you want to check the big Boss out, it’s currently on display in the National Motor Museum in Launceston.  

Then it was back on the road to Penguin where we had a very nice BBQ at the Lions Park.

The North



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